Wednesday, April 13, 2011


GP and I are moving, or getting ready to, which is why you haven't seen much action on this blog lately. The following are some brief and random updates. Please forgive the shoddy cell-phone photography; I have no clue which box my real cameras are in.

I got a job at a place that sells all sorts of delightful housewares, jewelry and general bibbity bobs. I started on Monday and I like it so far. It is full-time.
It's spring time and my flowers are growing like weeds (haha). The planters on the deck are bursting with pinks, yellows, whites, and purply blues. I love this time of year. The seeds I planted a few weeks ago now are pushing out their true leaves and are almost as excited as I am about the warm weather to come.
Friskies is enjoying more access to the bed. I just can't deny her sweet little face the pleasure of a very comfy nap. It's also a real pain in the ass to climb over the gate at the bottom of the stairs holding a large box of something or other, now that we're moving things. She looks so very regal in this photo.
I went to the UVic grad party, masquerade theme, on the 31st of March. My mask was clearly the most beautiful (and maybe the most creepy) one there. I made it myself!
I am packing the kitchen up today so that we can move everything up to Nanaimo tomorrow and start sleeping there. To give me the energy to keep packing, I made myself an incredible banana almond butter vanilla almond milk shake. The picture is especially awful because it was so effing delicious that when I stopped to take a picture I experienced withdrawal symptoms and started shaking. (Not really). It had half a banana, a large spoonful of almond butter, four ice cubes, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, and enough almond milk (homemade of course) to get the blender to mix it. It was so creamy and yummy and almost guilt-free!
Another delicious treat I made recently was the birthday cake for Amanda a week (I think?) ago. It was impossibly light vanilla Chinese bakery cake (leavened with egg whites only, no baking soda or powder) with raspberries and cream between the layers, iced with whipped cream and then glazed with dark chocolate ganache on top of that. It was, well, incredible. If I do say so myself. And fun as hell to decorate. I might've gone a bit overboard with the leaf piping tip, but I like the pretty daintiness of it. She had never had a cake made for her, so I hope this set the bar high!
Tonight we're having a huge Kim-style Greek salad (Greek salad with chick peas and negligible amounts of onion and REAL olives, not the yucky canned ones) with homemade bread because I didn't feel like going and buying a loaf when I have everything to make one. It's from the Hollyhock cookbook and it has lovely things in it like flax meal and sesame seeds and poppy seeds and oats. I have high hopes for it. I might take a picture and post it, or not. Clearly my priorities do not currently lie with this blog.