Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Twas The First Christmas in Our Own House

'Twas a dark, windy, rainy night, when all through the house,
Quite a few sounds were heard (the cats chasing a toy mouse).
The stockings were hung, by the gas fireplace we share;
They cover holes in the stonework we'd like to fix there.

This dark December night found us nestled all snug in our bed
With visions of renos dancing in sugar plums' stead
The fleece sheets on the bed and a cat in my lap,
We'd just settled in for a long winter's nap

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
I put on my sweatpants to survey the matter
I headed over to the window, which was cold as shit.
We'll budget for double-glazed when we replace it.

The sky was pitch black with rain coming down strong
It was just a small clang, I was sure nothing's wrong.
GP was still sleeping and I thought to head back
To continue relaxing in the ol' fart sack

"It's always so damn hot in here", methinks
The air circulation in our house, frankly, stinks
One day we'll get a system to distribute hot and cold
We were prepared to have quirks in a house this old

Sleeping was a lost cause, so I got ready for the day
"Sleep when you're dead", isn't that what they say?
I headed to the basement for clean underpants
Laundry's down there (with, until recently, carpenter ants)

It's damp in the basement, with a few termites too
Add in the two cats and it's almost a zoo!
I came up the stairs to feed the two beasts
Into the dining room, where we've had lots of feasts
This is where the ghost lives, who opens the doors
Knocks down jars from the shelf and taps on the floors
We think s/he's friendly, so no worry there,
Except for the pockets of icy cold air

I head back up to the bedroom and to my delight
I can hear rain pitter-patter on our upstairs skylight
This house sure has character, that's easy to see
The coved ceilings and plaster endear it to me

Ok, I'll admit, there's not much closet space
But look at our wood floors and kitschy stone fireplace!
The spacious backyard and recent deck renovations                                                                                                             Give us ample room for enjoying summer libations
Right then was high time for my morning cup of tea
I switched on the stove and got out my mug, just for me
The kitchen windows face east, which is pleasing to the eyes
As it allows a perfect view of the late winter sunrise

I sit here and wait for the kettle to boil
And worry about bills: electric and oil
I'm lucky to have a great life such as this:
More good days than bad, and a few moments of bliss
The basement is damp and the yard's a lot to manage,
It'll need some repair because of water damage.
There's not much storage, little room for hockey gloves
But it's got charm a-plenty and it's filled with lotsa love.

It's sure not for everyone and there are bumps along the way
We weren't surprised to learn we'd have hefty bills to pay.
I make my morning cup of tea, quiet as a mouse.
So enjoying our first Christmas season in our first little house.

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