Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Had a Shitty Day, or 50 Ways to Recover from a Shitty Day

  1. Buy flowers for a stranger at the grocery store
  2. Buy flowers for yourself
  3. Do yoga
  4. Clean the house
  5. Play piano
  6. Do something else creative
  7. Phone your mum
  8. Phone your best friend
  9. Get hugs
  10. Give hugs
  11. Breathe deeply
  12. Drink something soothing (doesn't have to be alcoholic)
  13. Be silent
  14. Go outside
  15. Spend time with animals/your pets
  16. Spend time with cute kids (unless they also happen to be brats)
  17. Cry loudly and let your face be really red and ugly and snotty
  18. Go for a run
  19. Play with Legos
  20. Cook something outrageously delicious and don't feel guilty about eating it
  21. Change into the most comfortable clothes you own
  22. Take a nap
  23. Sing, even if it's a sad song and you have a terrible voice
  24. Listen to music
  25. Attend a place of worship
  26. Write down what happened
  27. Cuddle up with something soft
  28. If/when you're driving, let another vehicle into traffic ahead of you
  29. Meditate
  30. Lift weights, if you're into that
  31. Take a bath, if you don't have to clean the tub first
  32. Do a chore you've been neglecting
  33. Look at old photos
  34. Make a list
  35. Make plans with a friend
  36. Get in touch with a sibling
  37. Write someone a happy letter
  38. Write someone an angry letter, if necessary, even if you don't intend to send it
  39. Think about five good things that happened today. Could be as simple as "I came home today and my cats came to greet me", "my skin looked amazing today", "the store had my type of vacuum bags in stock", "I don't have to go to choir tonight", etc.
  40. Put on a ridiculously fancy dress and do nothing important. Works even better if you're a man
  41. Read some fiction
  42. Let someone take care of you
  43. Watch mindless television
  44. Plant a seed, even if it's just a bean you're sprouting in a cup with soggy paper towel, like kindergarteners do
  45. Recall a dream you've had and look into what it would take to make it a reality, as though you were serious about it. Don't feel bad if you lose interest or never intend to follow through.
  46. Take a walk down the street
  47. Look at videos of babies laughing and cats being ridiculous
  48. Tell someone you love them
  49. Tell yourself you love you
  50. Remember that the only constant in life is change, good or bad

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